Why I Don't March, How Planned Parenthood Is Related to Nazi Eugenics Movement, Why Hating On The White Man Hurts The Movement

Thoughts on NOT marching and why I ultimately think it's OPPRESSIVE as evidenced by methods of "population control." Planned Parenthood being linked to the Nazi Eugenics movement and how it is used to "control population" of low-income, minority populations. A non-religious argument for why I question the LGBTQIA movement (related to population control), and thoughts on how to RISE to the occasion without engaging in victimhood. 

Comparing Abrahamic Religions #1: Jesus, The Trinity, the Schism of 1054

After considering the #qanon map, I thought it may be a helpful idea to contribute my "expertise" to the conversation in a focused way. I truly believe at the end of the day, unraveling this whole #qanon phenomenon is going to lead us back to religion. In order for our society to move forward and EVOLVE, it is IMPERATIVE that we resolve enough differences in religious thought to live in PEACE with our brothers and sisters. To do this, we need to address each other's grievances and seek to understand each other's point of view and LOVING OUR NEIGHBOR AS OURSELVES.